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The following are a few examples of possible nursing research papers:

  • Research on the impact of the nursing shortage on the profession’s workforce of licensed practitioners
  • A capstone project on medical-surgical nurses and novel rounding techniques
  • An examination of the effectiveness of school nurse education programs
  • Analytical study of the side effects of a drug
  • An argumentative essay regarding ethical ideals and health insurance models

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How to write a nursing research paper

Work in small chunks, follow the guidelines, credit your sources, and produce the final paper

Step 1: Divide your paper into sections that are easy to handle.

The easiest way to approach a long paper is to divide it up into numerous shorter portions.

Your paper’s rubric will most likely outline the sections that must be included. Follow your rubric to the letter, even if that means utilizing the rubric’s titles as the titles/subtitles of your sections.

This is where sectioning your paper comes in handy. Some parts of your rubric may have a higher value than others, depending on your rubric. By dividing the paper up, you are able to better focus on the areas that may have a larger point worth.

Additionally, this will help you prevent frustration. If you’re having trouble with a lower-value portion, like writer’s block, it can be intimidating to look at a higher-value section.

The focus of nursing research papers is more on accuracy than creativity.

Everyone wants a standardized scientific document, not a new invention.

Step 2: Follow the rubric closely

In addition to any other specific directions, your nursing research paper is likely to feature a rigid rubric.

Each area of your nursing research paper will be given a weighted grade based on its importance to the overall grade.

As an example, consider the following:

A part that is worth 20 points should be thought of as about 4 times more important than a part that is only worth 5 points. It should also take up about 4 times as many words as the part that is only worth 5 points.

Another Example Consideration

If a section is worth 40 percent of the score of your final paper and your paper is scheduled to be 5 pages, this means that you should assign a total of roughly 2 pages to that section.

Step 3: Conduct proper research and credit your sources

Most nursing research papers need you to cite sources from academic nursing journals.

Most of the references for your nursing paper are journal articles, so once you learn how to do it, you will be able to use that skill again and again.

There are places on the Internet that can help you write an APA-style nursing paper.

If you’re writing your nursing paper on your own, the Purdue OWL’s guide to APA citation style is a great place to look for help. This is an important tool that even the professional nursing essay writers at NursingCustomWriting sometimes use to make sure that all sources are cited correctly.

Our Nursing Writing Help page has a lot of tips and guides that can help you write any kind of paper.

There are a lot of teachers in the nursing field who want to help the next generation of nurses do well. It shouldn’t be too hard to find advice if you want it.

Step 4: Putting the content together

When it’s time to write your nursing research paper, it is crucial that you adopt a scientific and professional writing style.

Nursing research papers involve comprehensive terminology and a thorough description of the material. Nursing, along with other science-based fields such as psychology, chemistry, and many more, uses the APA style.

This implies you cannot write casually, utilize slang, or use first-person terminology (you can’t say, “What I did was X.”).

Your nursing research paper should utilize a professional, scientific tone, much like all the articles you’ve examined for your study.

Nursing research papers nearly always require APA citation format.

Example: Murphy, J. (2011). (2011). A closer look at patient-centered care as the center of the healthcare universe. Nursing Economics, 29(1), 35-37.

It is also crucial that you integrate APA citations in an effective method. In-text citations can be difficult at first, but they get easier as you use them more. In order to properly cite your sources, you must provide a reference to each one in your nursing research paper.

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